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Our Brewery

Located just over the scenic Santa Monica Mountains in Westlake Village, our brewing facility &  experienced team is dedicated to crafting our premium craft beer, with quality and freshness a priority. From our Premier Stainless brew house to our state-of-the-art laboratory, we combine the best ingredients and brewing practices to create outstanding beer.

Brewery tours not offered at this time. Stay tuned for special brewery events!

Our Core Beers



INDIA PALE ALE  6.9% alc/vol

Like the famous Malibu surf spot First Point, our IPA is both easy going and classically coastal. This carefully crafted American IPA offers balanced notes of pine and citrus, kissed with melon and orange zest. Paddle into a perfect swell of hops, and drink fresh for maximum flavor.


AMERICAN LAGER 4.8% alc/vol

Our crushable, classic no-frills lager follows your flow. Pacific Gold is a dry, balanced, easy drinker with gentle malt backbone that adds a golden hint of sweetness. Enjoy ice cold after a day in the surf, a coastal cruise, or with your beachside BBQ.


HAZY INDIA PALE ALE 6.0% alc/vol

Copious tropical aromas are woven with the juiciness of both papaya and coconut in our hazy IPA. Wild Grove's bright pine and citrus notes transport you to coastal forests and lush orchards. Whether poolside or fireside, Wild Grove provides a little paradise.


ROSÉ LAGER 4.2% alc/vol

Infused with breezy hibiscus and cranberry, Canyon is beautifully dry and mildly floral with a touch of tartness. Crafted for wine and beer enthusiasts alike, celebrate with our Rose Lager at brunch or bask in a Malibu sunset.


HONEY BLONDE ALE 5.2% alc/vol

Our lightly dry traditional blonde ale is buzzing with delicate notes of local wildflower honey. From Malibu's rolling hills to the seashore, each sip builds upon the last, letting you relish in your Happy Days*!

*The name of Happy Days™  pays homage to the last sole owner of the land that is now Malibu, California, Fredrick Rindge. His wife, Rhonda May Knight Rindge, is known as the "Mother of Malibu," and his family had an instrumental impact on the land we so cherish today. You can read his work here, provided kindly by the Library of Congress. 



Brewed with real maize, subtle sweetness radiates through each sip. Mildly earthy and florally essenced, this beachside brew pairs with sun in the sky and toes in the sand, for shores both faraway and familiar.

Gluten Sensitive?

The majority of our beers go through an enzymatic process to improve the clarity of our beer and make it safe to enjoy by those with most gluten sensitivities.* This process preserves the high quality of ingredients and has no effect on the flavor profile. It makes our beer more enjoyable!

*Our beer is NOT gluten free, just gluten reduced. Currently, our Wild Grove Hazy IPA is the only style that is not gluten reduced. Please email us directly at
if you have any questions; we are happy to provide more information.